Today's education is completely out of touch with what the industry needs
Technology is now the backbone of every sphere of knowledge. Be it science, arts, commerce or humanities. Added to this the speed at which every industry is changing, because of innovations through technology, is mind-boggling. Tech-innovations have changed the way we order food, book a taxi, book a movie ticket, drive a car... fundamentally changing the way we live.

The million-dollar question is, whether your or your child's education is relevant to the changing times?
Grok Learning Pvt. Ltd. innovated the Grovator
® platform to address their concerns.

Grovator®, the next-gen Al based Super Teacher, is our Applied Learning Platform.

Grovator® nurtures the spirit of innovation in young minds.

  • is the next-gen AI based Super Teacher
  • helps students to assimilate fundamental academic concepts through applied learning approach 
  • enables building solutions for new industry problems using latest technology such as IoT, 3D Printing, Data Science, Robotics and AI 
  • develops analytical skills and problem-solving mindset
  • helps to learn different business models through examples 
  • helps in presenting and articulating solutions for industry challenges 
  • develops leadership skills to become job creators and innovators 
  • comprises innovative knowledge modules, software tools and hardware kits 
  • follows learning methodology with 30% theory and 70% practical

Technology Programs Offered

Cloud-based IoT solutions development

Cloud-based Robotics solutions development

Cloud-based Data Science & AI solutions development

Integrated Product Design using 3D Printing

Cloud based Integrated IoT & Data Science application development

Cloud based Integrated Robotics & AI application development

Tech-enabled Solutions for different Industries